Saturday, July 21, 2012

This little piggy went to market....

This morning, I said goodbye to my shoebox of a room at Stamford (to which I have grown very attached naturally), popped into a little London black cab and skipped across town to my new living quarters for the week.

London House Hotel is in a rather nice part of town (I'm close to Notting Hill) in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The italics means I'm saying that with pretentious Received Pronounciation by the way.

But despite the suspiciously attractive Eastern European receptionist, ambient lounge music in the lobby and a very obliging bellboy - frankly, I have given up my student residence shoebox, for another shoebox. Albeit, a very pretty shoebox.

Also here, my shower is seperate from the rest of my bathroom - and I have a tv! Joy!

You'll note that the magazine on the bed in the latest issue of Tatler. Because apparently this is the sort of magazine people around here read, I though hey - why not give it ago? Having perused it's contents which includes articles like 'What to Wear - Hunting' and 'What to wear - Shooting' (No, I'm not kidding), I have concluded that this is what is wrong with the world. Also the cover model is an actress who found a puppy in the street, and gave it away because it was "too clingy". Jesus.

So for the afternoon I decided I'd make like this-little-piggy and go to market. More specifically, the Portobello Road Markets.

It is bustling with tourists, alongside hip young Londoners with an eye for antiques and retro-wear. The streets are lined with little boutiques, stalls of antiques, handmade everything, food, and strangely attractive buskers. Ahem.

Yes, Giant Love Tingles all round for this bespectacled minstrel.
Not at all my type but who can blame me when he was singing folksy Beatles covers?
Anyway here:

Nice buns...

I almost forgot to food porn I was so eager to sink my teeth into this carrot cake cupcake (thus the teethmarks).

This is not a great photo (I am not photographer clearly) but it just says LONDON to me. Ye Olde building with original facade, grafitti and a bowler hat hanging on a market stall hook.


 The market goes on for miles - full of the kitsch and the cool, it lacks Camden's grittiness but I'm definitely not complaining :)

And the usual haul photos:

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