Saturday, July 07, 2012!

While my bucket list is ever lengthening (the more I find out about the world, the more I realise I have to see) today I can tick one more thing off my list: see STONEHENGE.

The weather was (as to be expected) awful. The tour bus driver was a proper Cockney with a "delightfully common" accent and very limited knowledge of English history. But bless him, he was a love for the most part.

There is a slight eeriness about the place - but the real wonder is that I was looking at something that people from 5000 years ago were looking at. Who knows how many people have stood in the same place I have, and what lives they had.

The rain was very much against us where photos were concerned....

Or possibly ghostly apparitions?

And here's me looking like a drowned rat....

And you all know I LOVE a good souvenier (although I am unable to spell it apparently?) so I bought myself a little wearable Stonehenge of my own.


  1. haha.. I was worried that the umbrella was too twee.. but then I see it and it's just the perfect amount of twee with your stylin's and bad-ass leathery. Also, very cute ring!


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