Tuesday, July 03, 2012


The day began with class in the morning. It is a novel experience to turn up to class, having actually done the reading and having something to say. Not that I apparently know very much based on the reaction of my tutor but I wonder what might've been if I'd had this sort of confidence and interest at uni the first time round.

In the afternoon, as a class we went to the British Library to see the 'Treasures Collection'. Seeing Jane Austen's own journal, Da Vinci's notebook, and originals of the Magna Carta was a surreal experience. But as with all museum experiences - hindered by interfering forcefield of a climate control glass case.

More postcards for my collection:

Except this one which is for my cat-loving friend....

After the session was over, I branched out on my own and wandered around the library a little. You need to register to actually read any of the books, but it was interesting just to be in a place which houses basically every book every published.

London has turned me into a meanderer.

I left the library with the intention of returning to South Bank. I was on my way towards the Euston tube station when I was distracted by a church. I realised it was St Pancras.

I wandered in through the tall red doors, and sat down in a pew. The noise and loudness of London was getting to me a little. But in here, it was only quiet and calm. You all know my non-religious stance, but for a few minutes I felt very safe as the blare of the traffic melted away, muffled by sturdy 200 years old stone walls.

I left when some other people walked in. The spell was broken. Unable to face the prospect of a busy tube station, I decided to just keep walking. I passed through Bloomsbury and wandered past a lovely second hand bookstore.

Gandhi is a pretty cool guy, I really like this quote of his:
A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.

I just kept walking and walking....and suddenly found myself once again, on Oxford Street.

Not one to argue with what was clearly the universe's intention for me, I set forth to put my credit card to work. High Street stores, three-four stories high filled to the brim with people full of disposable income - a cornucopia of consumption and choice.

I walked into TopShop, and tried not to double over with shock when I saw that they not only stocked the requisite clothes, shoes and accessories, but also had a cupcake shop and juice bar.


I resisted the cupcakes (I think a clothes store which can exacerbate any residual body image issues you have, is not a great environment for a cupcake store) but my credit card did not escape unscathed.

Lookit! Aren't they beautiful?

I'm channelling Lucretia Borgia here - she preferred the poison ring, but that's a bit underhanded for me - so I'm kickin' it old school with a silver vial. (urbanoutfitters)

I also absolutely could not resist this gorgeous little edition: I'll have a husband in no time!


  1. Ashlee! This is fantastic =D your writing is brilliant ^_^ oh and of course you look like you're having a great time! More pictures! I demand more!


  2. Ashlee! This is fantastic! Your writing is absolutely brilliant! Oh and you look like you're having a great time too ^_^ Post more pictures! I demand more! Keep us all updated!

  3. As much as I do not like to actually attend church, I must admit I really enjoy wandering into churches when I'm traveling, so you're in good company on that.


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