Friday, July 13, 2012

oxford and windsor

First on the itinerary was Oxford University - a bastion of English academia and privilege. Our tour guide was sure to work in as many 'Harry Potter was shot here' references in her commentary but the magic just wasn't there for me.

Granted it is summer break, so it's quieter than it would be normally but it's cloisters, libraries with books that can't be borrowed, grass that can't be walked on and tradition (which requires a formal and informal dinner time) actually gives it an antiquated feel - rather than a buzzing collegiate vibe. I always was a city girl, so despite it's reputation, if I could I'd still choose King's in the middle of busy London.

Don't walk on the grass!

A bit more elegant than the Ref?

Next to Windsor Castle. It was lovely - all the expected opulence of a Palace - but again, failed to make me tingle the same way Chawton house had.

The Queen was in residence!

Three days of travelling back and forth out of London has left me drained and curled up naked in the fetal position on my bed. I bet you think I'm exaggerating. But a wise person once said that you regret the things you didn't do - rather than the things you did do.


  1. I know what you mean. I would recommend avoiding all castles/palaces that are still working (lived in by some royal or other). They're just not as amazing as so many of the other houses that are on offer here. If you want the wow factor, seriously consider Brighton Pavilion, Hampton Court and Eltham Palace.

  2. Ash, this may or may not be the focus of your post... But I love the way your write. And I'm really enjoying all the pics! =D keep them coming! xoxo

    1. thanks love, i really really appreciate the compliment :D


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