Thursday, July 26, 2012

fossilise me!

Firstly, I know my titles are getting decidedly less coherent and/or witty but there is an end to my creative genius. Bear with me.

I'm grinning like a fool right now.

I swear I didn't plan that.

Anyway, today I spent the afternoon in a very lonely (although very enjoyable) fashion, wandering around the V&A and the Natural History Museum at South Kensington.

I had way too much fun at the NHM.

I went specifically to see the Inside Out Animal exhibition - by the same guy who did the plasticination of people a few years back. I was both morbidly fascinated, and nauseated by all that...flesh. Especially since there were cross-sections of many of the animals which put me in mind of deli meat. Yeah...I actually feel a little queasy thinking about it right now.

I find taxidermy deeply disturbing, not least because I swear the animals are looking at me sadly and judging. When posed in a way to make them seem like they're mid-thought (yes, thought) it is downright unnerving.

Oh look Noah, it's the whole fucking Ark...

Stop looking at me!!

On the other hand, I've never quite lost my childhood fascination with dinosaurs (The Land Before Time anyone?) so I had an absolute ball of a time in the dinosaur exhibit!

Even the tacky animatronic t-rex was wonderfully entertaining!

Mr Darwin! Evolution is sexy....

Homo Erectus. And look, he's chinese!

Yes, I am puerile. But you're smiling too aren't you?

Big tree (why the hell would you cut this down??) - the rings are marked with the big moments in human history. Utterly, utterly awesome...

Sounds like something out of Harry Potter. Desperately want to know what's being this door!

Bit of lunch:

Bought this brass skeleton hand bangle - isn't is delightfully creepy?

Then onto the V & A. My favourite museum in the world - sure I love the sculptures, paintings and the (stolen) exotic treasures from all over the 'Empire' but really, I'm all about the historical BLING.

Okay, it's not just me right - THIS LOOKS LIKE ALEC BALDWIN!


The building feels like an endless maze full of wonders so I spent a happy couple of hours picking up pieces for my future home. I've got my eye on this lovely Regency chaise lounge in particular ;)

Bought some cherry earrings - loved them so much had to put them on straight away!

Then to dinner with pretty Miss Jill and gorgeous Mama Kath. Learnt much about America over dinner. Realised I should read more widely because I'm depressingly ignorant in general. I didn't think in London that I'd make friends who I would be willing to engage with outside of facebook but I was very lucky :) Love you guys!

All in all, fun day. As much as you I love you all in Perth, it makes the thought of coming home just that little bit more painful. 

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