Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1 play 2 guavas

Radio silence yesterday because I've been doing coursework which is hardly scintilating to report.

Anyway, tonight I had dinner and went to see 1 Man 2 Guvnors with Miss Ella at the Royal Theatre Haymarket - more panto than fine theatre but a bit of a laugh anyway!

I may have offended a few people because I insisted on climbing through the rows to get to my seat (in a very Victorian Lady fashion I was feeling 'unwell' and a little 'overheated' so had to come in after the performance had begun), but I dare say they'll recover. And even if they don't they were too English to actually say anything to me about it! Tee hee....

The lovely Ella, with a delicious GUAVA COLLINS from Busaba Eathai (that orange squiggly thing is what was on the menu and the front of the restaurant so I had to google it to work out the name!)

Thai Food Orgy?

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