Sunday, July 15, 2012

Right on, Bright-on

Well, young ones! Haven't I a lot to tell you about my day! I had a brilliant time in BRIGHTON.

Brighton is a seaside town. It's got a bit of a reputation as being ever so slightly seedy - mostly because it's got a buzzing nightlife. It's most famous for it's great shopping, super-liberal outlook on life, and fish and chips. I'm already well versed in the second of these things (or so I think I am), and thus set out to enjoy the other two.

That's the Kissing Wall. A bit of Gay Pride? Go Brighton.

Shiny Disco Balls! Approve!

Look at that thoroughly British Bunting!

Being Australian, I am spoiled for beaches. I will consider myself, if not a connoisseur, at the very least a well informed amateur on beaches because as much as I tend to avoid them now (my reasons are: melanomas suck, and sand just gets everywhere) I've certainly been to my fair share of them.

 In my mind, a seaside town boasting a great beach should have at the very least sun, surf and sand. Fairly basic, not too many issues there right? Wrong. Now, have a bit of explaining to do.

These pictures are deceptive. The sun is out but the wind is up and it's seriously chilly. Also, there is not even a whiff of the 'sea' in the air. I realise it's the English Channel, but am I supposed to follow my nose?

The water is a pretty shade of aquamarine, and I saw people out on surfboards...but no waves?

But at least there was sand...oh, wait no - not sand - Rocks.

Yeah, it was like getting painful reflexology walked across these damn things. Having said that, the deckchairs are just too damn adorable and it was extremely pretty despite the dubious conditions, so I'm gonna say I quite liked it anyway!

Next was my bucket list item - the Royal Pavillion. I won't give you a history lesson (that's what wikipedia is for) but let's just say it's an pretty old building. But...just a weeny bit racist.


Okay, so the monarch who commissioned to have it built had the outside made to look like the Taj Mahal....obviously.

On the inside on the other hand it's done up in an opulent, wait for it - chinese style. It's beautiful don't get me wrong - absolutely breathtaking in fact - but I did not appreciate the audio guide telling me that 'Oriental' is 'unusual and exotic' and 'novel'. Go. To. Hell.

Next, lunch at Brighton Pier. And really, it would've been silly of me to do anything else than have fish and chips on the Brighton Pier. And I'm not a silly person. So I did just that.

Fucking seagulls....squawling SOBs....

Cod and fat chips!

Having refueled, I was ready for shopping!

Brighton's North Laine is a hipster's paradise. Every second store is a retro-vintage record/clothes/accessories shop with trendy cafes squeezed in between. It's like Leederville and Mt Lawley had a baby and exploded next to the seaside. Hm, yeah - enjoy that image.

Yes, that's a Guinea Pig Broach.


Ohh, saucy...

More Bunting! Such Fun!

 Cream Tea and Sea Salt Caramel Gelati!

Obviously I bought things!

Flower ring - made out of leather!

"Locally Made" - music to my ears!

Free inspirational quote.

 It really spins by the way!

I bought a few other things but as they're presents, I'm keeping them a secret ;)

After all that shopping, a relaxing walk along the beach...or at least the pavement next to the beach.

At 4:30pm we were back on the road back to London. 

sorry couldn't resist ;)

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  1. Looks like you're enjoying yourself Ash. I think living in Australia kindda spoils any other beach experience. Me like your flower ring. End paragraph of unrelated sentences.


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