Thursday, July 19, 2012

The A-Team

So today was my last day of summer school. Needless to say I'm sad that it's ended, you know my sentimental heart. I had a little pang walking across Waterloo Bridge - I took my time, eager to take in every single moment that I could. The weather proved glorious - bright and warm - perfect weather for us to enjoy a little bonding time in the sun!

After class, we walked along the bank of the Thames, weaving in and out of waves of tourists.

Then to the Waterfront back at King's for end of school Pub Quiz. Now you all know my history with pub quizzes. I am depressingly mediocre despite my competitiveness. Second or second last, I never get the prize.

Well, England must be my lucky charm because we bloody won!!

The A-Team (A for Austen obviously) claimed 1st prize in a blaze of glory and triumph!

I would like to thank my teammates for their excellent hearing skills (over the din of a bar of half-drunk students) and superb knowledge of British culture. I couldn't have done it without you all.

 My Prize! My Precious.....


  1. Haha awesome on the pub quiz! Love the sparkly skirt too :)

  2. Winning! Well done. So now that Summer School is over will you be travelling around the UK?

  3. Look at your hair! It's so long!


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