Monday, July 02, 2012

Lookit! I'm a real King's student!

The day was basically orientation with the usual speeches ("welcome, work hard, don't be a fucker" etc), general 'get-to-know-you' stuff, campus tours (pictures to come), and a little welcome drinks at their version of 'The Tav'. However, this version of 'The Tav' is rather more elegantly named The Waterfront, and looks out onto the Thames with a view of the fricken London Eye. A bit of a step up.
The weather has been frankly horrendous so I didn't take many photos.

I guess what annoyed me a little was the allusion in the welcome speech to the fact that Summer School really is just a way of attracting students to do post-grad at King's. Not that I expected anything less - but the actual mention of it sort of took the magic out of things.....

While I'm enjoying my time here, London is actually making me appreciate Australia a lot more. Australians really are a great deal friendlier and our customer service is actually very decent in comparison (despite my usual complaints). It's a bit trying to artificially make some quick friends so you don't feel like a loner for three weeks, but it's a good experience - it also makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have met lots of like-minded people in my life.

I'm sorry for this rather introspective post. It's the weather that's made me maudlin. But tomorrow I will make more of an effort.


  1. Your student number looks so easy to remember.

    I have to agree that Londoners aren't very friendly people although I was only there for a few days so perhaps you will get used to it. I guess its the crap weather that makes everyone grumpy.

  2. Ugh, very jealous. The best way to explore is just to meander around I think.


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