Friday, July 20, 2012

gold star for effort

This morning began with a rather excruciating summer school 'closing ceremony' where I received my participation certificate. Yay for me. Obviously.

Just in case I wasn't sure, the fine print at the bottom, removed any doubt that this is for anything other than getting myself to class and staying awake during it, so I'm giving myself a gold star.
A brisk walk up Fleet Street towards St Pauls for lunch at the imaginatively named Gourmet Burger Kitchen aka GBK. Okay, so as snarky as I'm being about it - it was a bloody magnificent beast of a burger - super juicy with garlic mayo to die for! (and side of skinny rosemary fries, named so for their thinness, rather than their healthiness alas).

Then Mission-Primark. Target: To buy gloriously cheap girly high street tat. Mission Achieved.

So this is the Haul:

Two-tone beige/black ballet flats. My Uber-Want for a long time! And a belt. Oh and tights.

FAT snake skin clutch. Will fit phone and camera nicely! So useful obviously....not unnecessary.

Navy blazer and blouse.

All for a grand total of $55 (aud).

Primark. When are you coming to Australia?

Especially since my suitcase is already there probably won't be too many more 'Haul' Posts. Though obviously I can't promise that to you or to myself. Hm....tricky.

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  1. Omg no way! $55 aud?! Crazy! You seem to be having a great time~~ I think London is quite becoming on you. Sorry I've not been able to reply to your most recent email; work has been unbelievable. When are you coming back? Need a lift from the airport? Keep me updated. Shoes are super cute btw!



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