Sunday, August 21, 2016


We started our day with petit dejeuner francais. But seriously, how to these people function on just caffeine and sugary carbs in the morning is beyond me. 

We then took a train from Javel to Versailles. We ended up waiting for a whole hour to get in but it was quite a pleasant wait in the mild weather.

I really pretty happy not to have my visit hampered by ridiculous Jeff Koons art installations this time. Just crowds and crowds of people. 

We wandered outside to the gardens.

And then started the long walk to the Trianons. 

Compared to the Palace it really is a poky little place, although guilt and gold and full of plush furnishings. 

We made our way to Marie Antoinette's Disney Hamlet. It was a weird wonderland straight from an amusement park which made me think she was nuttier than perhaps history has led us to believe. 

Then I stopped off at Angelina for a millefeuille which I gobbled up with glee. 

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