Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lake District

We caught the train from Edinburgh to Oxenholme Lake District in the morning, and picked up our rental car. The Lake District is Beatrix Potter and Wordsworth country. Rolling hills, green fields and quaint little villages...and lakes of course.

It's the sort of place where wild blackberries grow by the side of the road....

...and canopies of trees overshadow twisty country roads.

 We parked the car at Lakeside - the southern most tip of Lake Windermere, and then took a one of the steamers on Lake Windermere.

We docked at Bowness-on-Windermere for lunch and a little look around. It was chockers with tourists, and overpriced tourist tat so to be honest we didn't enjoy it that much.

A chinese restaurant from the 80s?

After lunch we decided to walk off the greasy fish and chips.

Annoyingly, most of the land around the lake it actually privately owned! Probably by Russian oligarchs and Saudi oil princes.

This means that there isn't actually a lot of areas where the public can actually walk around the lake.

We located an area near 'Rayrigg Hall' which I'm guessing is a private estate, marked as a public footpath so that's where we headed.

This is the wall which hides Rayrigg Hall from view of the public. I had an overwhelming urge to climb over it and campaign for the rights of the ordinary working (wo)man.

Especially when I saw this sign...

So it turns out the 'public footpath' is just an easement through an open field.

I mean seriously. Apparently because we're just peasants I just have to hoof it through a muddy field and try not to be attacked by the midges.

This is the woods that surround Lake Windermere. It was at this point I began to hum..."If you go out in the woods today you're sure for a big surprise..."

This is the one part of the day that I really enjoyed. It was very quiet and there weren't that many people around so it was finally a moment to enjoy the serene lapping of the water on the shore. 

We were pretty tired by this point in the day. So we made our way back to the car via the steamer boat and after a number of unnecessary detours (and one necessary one because we were running out of petrol), we finally found our super budget motel at the side of the M6.

Surprisingly, my 2 star motel came with a 5 star view of Lake Killington...

Totally unexpected, totally awesome. 

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