Friday, August 19, 2016

Borough Market

We didn't leave the hotel until well past 1 o'clock today. To be honest we were slightly stuck on what to do in the morning.

This doesn't happen to me fact this doesn't happen to me ever. I do like to have my day's itinerary planned well ahead of time. This doesn't suit everyone of course but it means we don't miss out on doing anything.

We tossed up the idea of going to see this museum, or visit this tourist haunt or another...but none of it really appealed to us.

Instead we plumped for a lazy morning, and when the call of our stomachs finally stirred us from our beds we decided to visit Borough Market.

Borough Market reminds me of a much better version of Prahran Market. (To those non-Melbournians amongst you this is pronounced pruh-RAN) 

As with most things in life I was mostly here for the food, and what an array of choice there was!

Boton plumped for the freshly cooked fragrant pad thai.

I couldn't decide so made a start with some creamy organic ice cream...

...then settled on a chewy salty focaccia with red onion and tomatoes.

We had some time to spare before our next engagement so I took Bo shopping on Oxford Street. I lost him in Topshop, so engrossed were we both in the pursuit of consumerist pleasure. However I would like to have it noted that I walked away with my wallet unopened, while Bo was the one who made the purchases.

Then for dinner we had a special date with some very old friends!

The night just flew by, but once we were all yawning heavily it was time to part ways.

Bo and I walked back to the station hand in hand under a huge golden moon - our last night in London was at an end.

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