Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Stonehenge and Bath

Today we visited Stonehenge and Bath. 

I have been to both previously when I came a few years back, but my visits were marred by terrible weather. 

At least this time I had someone to take my photo!

The sun was shining...scorching in fact when we arrived at the Stones. They've changed the set up a bit. When I was here previously the bus drove you straight up to the stones and you were just let loose. 

Now they've set up a proper visitor centre, from which there are constant tiny bus shuttles to and from the Stones. Alternatively the more enthusiastic can walk through the designated field up to the henge. 

As you can see here they are really different from every angle. In the sunshine it is slightly less atmospheric than in the drizzly mist but their history is just as interesting.

About an hour drives away is the Unesco city of Bath. Jane Austen fans (or those interested in Georgian and Regency history) come here for a full historical experience.

I'm of course one of them but since Bo was really just in it for the pretty buildings, we just had a relaxed wander around. 

We wandered past the Assembly Rooms and as they were free I didn't hesitate to have a peek inside. There is also a fashion museum but I wasn't really in the mood and Bo just couldn't care less haha...

I did like that I finally had a chance to see the venue where so many of my favourite Heyer and Austen characters danced the night away.

We decided to call it a day when I realised I had developed really bad sunburn on the tops of my feet. Weird sandal tan anyone? 

We were ravenous by the time we arrived back in London. It was still light out but it was almost 8 o'clock when we sat down for some delicious burgers. 

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