Monday, August 15, 2016


Being gluttons for punishment (#budget), we hopped on a coach for a 5 hour ride from Sheffield to London. The traffic was sporadically terrible and acceptable, as was the attitude of the bus drivers.

We found an excellent deal on a 4 star hotel which was pretty far away from central London, so we (Bo) dragged our luggage from Marble Arch to Prince Regent DLR station in Docklands. The hotel is  just across the carpark from the London Excel centre and as there's not much else around here except the London City Airport, it's very quiet, clean - albeit a bit lifeless. I like it though, I get a nice view, a nice service for a change. 

Oh, and a warm chocolate cookie straight from the oven upon check-in. 


It looks like a cow pat but it taste like walnuty, sugary, chocolaty heaven. Bo woofed his before I could take a picture and I narrowly avoided losing my own to his appetite. 

We then set out to do some London-ing. Now I've been a couple of times, so the inital 'holy-moly' I'm in London feeling has worn off. But I still get really energised from just walking around the city and soaking up it's bustling atmosphere. 

We were jonesing for some asian food, so made a punt and chose a place in Chinatown at random that served dumplings. This was a mistake of course, we both knew this before going in - but we went with it anyway. It was fine, but let's just say I am absolutely spoilt in Melbourne with it's selection and authenticity. 

We then moved onto to some actual sight-seeing. I won't bore you with a description of the sites. You probably know what they are already. But it made me really happy to be with Bo when he experienced them for the first time. Also considering I was incredibly single when I was here last, this  little walk was a silent salute to 2012 Ashlee who cried into her pillow (figuratively speaking) every night for want of a boyfriend. KIDDING!

We walked along Southbank all the way from Westminster to the Tower Bridge. Feets = Ouch. 

We needed to refresh with a slushie along the way. 

Outside the Tate Modern a guy was making bubbles. I momentarily forgot all sense of propriety and begun jumping up and down like an excitable two year old.

We took a cursory glance around the Tate Modern. You guys know how I feel about modern art generally, try as I might to enjoy it...Bo has even less interest than me.

Part of the B.F.G dream jar trail.

We walked across the Tower Bridge as the sun was setting, ending day 1 in London!

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