Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dinosaurs and Hyde Park

We were heartily sick of trains at this point and decided to finally stay put in London for the day and do educational things and just sort of enjoy being here.

We started in Bloomsbury, with the British Museum. 

The British Museum is always fascinating and I find it wonderful that (though they welcome donations), admission is in fact free. 

I like that no matter who you are, you are regarded as being entitled to see these treasures. 

We started off with a bit of Ancient Egypt. 

Then onto a bit of Ancient Roman....

Stolen or otherwise....

And then some Chinese pottery which I decided I would totally buy if available for sale at Country Road...

A few more old things....

And then onto the Natural History Museum...

It was school holidays and of course it was absolutely crammed full with families. I was a bit disappointed because the last time I came on a weekday it was absolutely dead and I basically had the place to myself and get a grand old time.

I think Museums ought to be quiet places, like churches...

Having said that...animatronic t-rexes are f***ing AWESOME.

 This is the entrance to the volcano and earthquake display. This is the most interesting part of the display...even the promise of a simulated earthquake experience failed to tempt me.

Afterwards we took a stroll in Hyde Park along the Serpentine.

This was the best part of my day.

I'm getting old and reflective and have more fun watching rich Saudis in paddle boats while their Filipino maids wrangle naughty children on the shore.

We tried to do some artsy 'natural shots'...we were...failed.

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