Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vietnam Day 4 - Red Bridge Cooking School

We were on a plane so early that we hardly had time to say a proper Sayonara to Saigon. We flew into Danang early and drove to our Hoi An hotel.

We spent the afternoon walking through a postcard of Vietnam. It's like walking through a Vietnam themed amusement park and somewhat disturbingly the every day people are the attractions.

Ever the enterprising foodie tourists, we had lunch at a local cafe and tried the local specialty cao lau.

The afternoon was devoted to our getting our hands a cooking class! There is no challenge too great, if the end result is feeding ourselves. 

We headed to the market to buy ingredients. I have always avoided the fresh food markets when I was younger.  Especially the wet market. It's that fishy smell that gets me (or rather, has me trying not to wretch.) I will confess to preferring the white lit aisles of my local Woolies but just there's nothing quite like the colour of a living, breathing local asian market.

Afterwards we boarded a small aqua painted motorboat and sailed up the river to the Red Bridge Cooking School.

We made a full Vietnamese feast. K's mother would be very proud. My mother would frankly me astonished that I managed to make it all the way through. I will confess that by course 3 I was considering just asking our lovely cooking teacher to just DO IT FOR ME.

This is my posing...

This is me actually concentrating...

We were better at some things than others...

If you can't tell, ours are the shit ones.

PROUD. Roses made from a single tomato peel. Nailed it!

A couple of hours later, we sat down to finish the dinner we had prepared, as the darkness fell interspersed by the sound of crickets and the occassional bewildering crowing of a cockerel  - a sharp contrast with the busy urban Saigon we had gone to sleep to the night before.

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