Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ha Long Bay 2 - Monkeys

We awoke to the gentle lapping of waves against the side of the boat and the promise of more adventure.

After breakfast, the passengers of Ha Long Sails 89 poured into a wooden boat to explored one of the lagoons.

It is inhabited by monkeys and tourist kayakers. A slightly lethal combination, especially since there are bananas involved....

The morning's excitement had tired me out, so I spent the rest of the morning sunning myself on the top deck, appreciating the gorgeousness cruising by, and still not quite believing where I was.

We were driven back to Hanoi, where we had dinner in the Old Quarter at Highway 4. Vietnamese Fusion...and also apparently the place to be seen if you're an expat living in Hanoi...

We walked back to the hotel, passing by the Hoan Kiem lake - and the army of couples that sit at the edge of the lake, canoodling.

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