Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vietnam Day 5 - The day when we didn't stop eating.

We awoke early and took another motorboat to visit a nearby 'pottery village' where Ktried her hand at creating a vase with the help of an old Vietnamese grandma. I excercised my buying a cute teapot set.

Back at our hotel, we decided to give in the overpowering urge to swim in the massive pool that we could see from our window.

Before heading to a restaurant recommended by a local and demolishing an entire table of banh xeo, skewers satays and deepfried shrimp rolls. I was too busy stuffing my face to learn what
the Vietnamese name of the food was.

Unable to contemplate doing much more after that gargantuan feast, we had a gentle walk town a bit more, enjoying the sunshine but the urge to return to the hotel poolside and enjoy their 2 for 1 cocktail deal was too much to resist as the sun came down.


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