Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hey Hue

We left Hoi An and travelled by car through the Hai Van Pass. There's a much more practical tunnel which the locals use, so the terrifying winding roads which end in a massive drop are reserved for mostly tour groups and us.....and somewhat bewilderingly COWS.

I shall name him Gandalf. As in, You Shall Not Pass. The Hai Van Pass. Geddit? Omg...

 I look sad...only because I'm scared of heights.

Having said that, the mountains are beautiful - mysterious and misty.

Hue, being an Imperial City, has a number of beautiful historical tombs, citadels and temples nearby.

The weather gods were clearly punishing us for overeating the day before, but it seems to be nothing stops for the rain in Vietnam so we soldiered on. The very sad fact is lots of the buildings we saw today were in fact reconstructions as the original buildings were destroyed in various wars throughout Vietnam's history. But I suppose that in itself says something about the Vietnamese attitude to rebuilding their country.

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