Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Super Sunny Sydney

The novelty of being able to hop over to Sydney for just a weekend still tickles me. I spent my weekend with my old law school buddy U and her bf F, soaking up the Sydney Sun and indulging in my every gastronomic whim. As we all know, the calories don't count when on holiday.

Literally, the best soy chai latte I've ever had in my life at Jones the Grocer. It tasted like gingerbread warmed up and whizzed up with frothy milk. Chai-gasm.

A traditional big breakfast made with deliciously fresh and organic ingredients!

I had a massive craving for bulgogi hotpot for dinner that night. 
Behold! And yes, I finished the whole goddamn thing.

And a strawberry tart. Because I'm a strawberry tart. With Jackson Pollock chocolate splatters.

I made an attempt to shop. I failed miserably, only picking a few unexciting items - but I did find this wrap around bracelet. Hardware-tastic?

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