Sunday, March 03, 2013

Afternoon Tea at The Waiting Room

I had a visit from Miss Z over the weekend and we decided to treat ourselves to a decadent high tea at The Waiting Room located in the lobby of the Crown Melbourne.

The spread was delicious and extremely rich. The service was not impeccable, but warm and friendly. We were placed in the front of the bar, which was exposed to the prying eyes of anyone passing through the lobby, but I can only put this down to our being so attractive as to act as some sort of free advertising.

A picture of me....waiting.



  1. Wow! It looks spectacular. Hope it tasted as good, to say nothing of the company.

  2. Coffee was smooth and delicious, food was fantastic and company was the best! What more could I have asked for?

    I love your writing style ^_^ my only hope is to become your rival one day.

    Miss Z.

    1. I will link to your site when review is up!


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