Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fortnight Feast

The last few weeks have been a blurred orgy of ridiculously good food as I use the visit of my friends as an excuse to make my way through the 'Talk of the Town' section of urbanspoon.

One must have goals after all.

Little Hunter
Impossible to find, subterrenean steakhouse.

Highlight: complimentary garlic and rosemary pull apart loaf with chicken skin butter. 2D4!!

Mess Hall
Chic, urban fusion, no fuss.

Highlight: Attentive service, and the pork belly.

St Ali - South

Wealthy hipsters, rustic, coffee snobs, painfully trendy brunch.

 Highlight: Corn fritters which make you want to give up all your worldly possessions.

Waggamama's Southbank
 Chain, faux-asian, reliable fast and fresh, friendly.

 Highlight: Coconut creme brulee, relaxing setting.

But naturally, the real highlight of the last fortnight or so has been the company with which I have enjoyed this fortnight long feast.

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  1. yum! Hey is that a little leather jacket in the photo with the girl I don't know? Supercute!


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