Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Izakaya Den

Friends from Perth L and A came for the weekend.

We were originally going to have dinner at Chin Chin (Flinders Lane) but having been told there was an hour and a half wait (on a Monday night no less!), we decided to hop over to Izakaya Den.

It's impossible to find, which is half the fun and makes you feel inordinately cool - like you have the key to a special secret! It's a quiet, romantic, unique atmosphere with low lighting and a warm intimate feel despite the industrial chic decor. Definitely a perfect date spot or a place to bring people you want to impress!

It's Izakaya style, which means you can choose from a wide selection of sake and beers and enjoy freshly made before your eyes fusion Japanese tapas style food to go with your beverage of choice.

The speciality of the house is the Sweet Corn Kaki Age. I won't say too much, only that you MUST try it!

The other win for us was the mysterious Japanese Den Trifle. It is made of burnt sugar ice cream, green tea mouse, warm mochi (rice balls) and what we think was roasted rice. It was definitely delicious, but I think a Western palate or at least one that is no accustomed to Japanese flavours might find it a bit strange to taste.

Izakaya is a very special way of dining, and those looking for a cheap meal with large portions should not come here!

Between the three of us we had 7 dishes and 2 drinks, and it came out to just under $40 each. You go away with all of your taste buds utterly satisfied, but not stuffed beyond hope. Which is the way it should be!

Good Luck finding it! www.izakayaden.com.au

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  1. Am going to another izakaya tomorrow night with ZL. Hopefully it will be as good as your one.


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