Saturday, December 15, 2012

Eggs Benedict Challenge! Part 1

I fancy myself a connoisseur of Breakfast. To me, there is no better meal.  The bitter irony is that I often don't eat it because I'm don't get hungry until about 10am regardless of how early I wake up and by that time I'm well into my working day. It gives me great pleasure therefore, to linger over a delicious breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning when I don't have to worry about making it to work on time!

My breakfast of choice is Eggs Benedict. Perfectly poached eggs with gooey runny yolks, savoury ham and a toasty English muffin, with lashing of buttery golden hollandaise. I base my opinion of Brunch spots based on the standard of their Eggs Benedict. It's such a simple dish, but it can go so wrong. So far I have tried out 3 places, with varying success.

1. The Green Refectory, Brunswick 6/10

I found the cafe a little too hipster for my taste. There is a difference between rustic and just plain dirty. Our table number was....a computer. I fucking hate hipsters.

 It was crowded and the staff were indifferent. The food quality in general is decent, the serving portion generous and the price unbeatable ($10 from memory?). The muffin, ham and hollandaise were excellent, but the yolks were rock hard. DISAPPOINTING.

2. Cafe Republic, South Yarra 1/10
This was an impulse breakfast on the way to an appointment. I had some time to spare and I liked the look of the barista (ahem). The set out of the restaurant is definitely my style. Lots of dark wood, white walls and huge open windows. The Eggs Benedict however, a DISASTER. Firstly, it was served on brioche, not an English muffin. I don't understand the hype about Brioche. It's sweet, but the texture is kind of spongy without being soft. The eggs and ham were supermarket quality, and the hollandaise actually left me feeling nauseous. NEVER AGAIN.

3. Signature, North Melbourne 7/10

Best Eggs Benedict so far, but not quite there yet. The English muffin was toasted just right, the ham fresh and the eggs were free range/organic and perfectly poached! It was delicious...but not amazing.


Alas....the hunt continues.

Wish me Luck

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  1. I was hoping for at least one reference to another delectable Benedict.


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