Thursday, November 01, 2012

Dinner in Prahran with M

I spent the evening with my friend M. M and I met while we were touring around the US and Canada. After a drink at The Wolf and I, we crossed the road to have dinner at Patee Thai.

The upper level of the restaurant is furnished in a faux traditional Thai style (complete with a large portrait of what I think is the Thai sovereign) and dimly bathed in a rosy pink light. You remove your shoes, and sink down onto comfortable floor cushions beside a low wooden table to enjoy you feast. It occurred to both of us, that with the great lightning and the intimimate atmosphere that this would be a great date spot!

We ordered the Chicken Satay and Prawn Springrolls for entree, and then a Green Chicken Curry and Beef with Oyster Sauce. The rice was served in cute patterned silver bowls. All the dishes were tasty, with a little kick of chilli in the curry and the satay.

But the real champion of the night was the Coconut and Banana waffle served with icecream, syrup and vanilla ice cream. The waffle was soft and sweet, and complimented perfectly by the orange slices. Definitely something to return for!

It's a little more than one might expect to pay for Thai Food, but it was worth it for the atmosphere, the polite efficient service and the delicious moreish food.
Rating: 9/10!

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  1. I still have no idea what "moreish" food is supposed to mean... I'm torn between "food that make you want more of it" or something to do with the Moors mentioned in Shakespeare...Jan


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