Saturday, October 06, 2012

Jane Austen is my homegirl

It is a truth universally acknowledged....that I am awesome.

I recently received my marks back for the Jane Austen module I did while attending summer school at King's College London. I got 70% which is a 1st (highest grade) for an essay I did over the course of a day and a half, and for which I did very little research and a lot of my own analysis. Not because I am a genius, but because I was too lazy to do research.

I am inordinately proud of myself for doing well, and the fact that I still have the chops to write a killer English Lit essay. A feat I was famed for throughout my Year 12 high school career.

I had to brag to my friend T who is also a delightful Lit Nerd as well as a genius Bio Scientist and she recommended that now I am an Official Jane Austen Nerd with credentials I should have some sort of badge. Booyah!

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