Thursday, September 13, 2012

Northeastern US and Canada Moustache Trip

My plan had been so blog while I was travelling in North America but technology turned against me and so it was not to be.

Initially, I felt crushed and my creativity hindered. My urge to blog and show off is strong - which is a good thing because it means I was inspired.

This trip took me out of my comfort zone in an entirely mild way - but it helped me to understand that people are different to me. I know that sounds ridiculously basic - liberal thinking 101 - but it's true - I might still not agree, but I can at least begin to understand. This does not apply more aptly to any situation as it does to me and American Culture.

I travelled from New York City, to Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Bar Harbor Maine, Boston. It was a long roadtrip - the sort I love - a group of wonderful people - and innumerable one off experiences that I never would've tried if I had been travelling by myself.

In any case, I thought I would share a few highlights -

Meeting up with my friend Jin who I haven't seen in years, and talking like we saw each other the day before (true friendship)

Seeing the Statue of Liberty (for free on the Staten Island Ferry) - bucket list moment!

Getting drenched at Niagara Falls

Walking out onto the glassfloor of the CN Tower (more than 500ms up in the air) in Toronto - had to close my eyes and throw my heart over. Terrifying, but I'm game to tackle the Eureka Tower now ;)

Meeting a Mountie in Ottowa

Eating in pitch black served by my vision impaired waitor Matthieu with a fantastic sense of humour and cute accent, at O'Noir in Montreal - best experience of my life (and thought-provoking as well)

Quebec's free public Art (Image Mill, Cirque du Soleil under a highway bridge) speaks to a city which values the cultural education of it's residents but the highlight for me in Quebec City was the maple syrup icecream - Hands. Down.

Eating my weight in lobster in Bar Harbor

And shopping and acting the Harvard student in Boston
My Cons and I have traversed many many miles - but as always the further I walk, the more I realise I still have to explore...
Taken near Mont Royal Montreal


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