Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mind the Gap! (between my brain and my spine)

So I won't bore you details of my flight. Sufficed to say it was much like every other long haul voyage - torturous - but I landed on British soil without a scratch on me (though rather sleep deprived).

The line for immigration was monstrous - snaking left and right for miles. I was feeling rather fragile and miserable at this point as I joined the queue - and it occurred to me that it's rather disheartening to arrive at the airport when there's no one to meet you. Not that I expected someone to be waiting - only that it would've been nice to get a hug at the end of a frankly torturous 22 hours of flying.

I lugged myself and my baggage onto the Tube (minding the gap!) and tried desperately not to look like a tourist as I exited at Waterloo station and walked around a bit trying to get my bearings and locate the College. Naturally I walked ten minutes in the wrong direction, but I got there in the end.
 Súbor:Bakerloo line - Waterloo - Mind the gap.jpg
Now, Murphy's Law states that "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" - so I was not surprised when there was some hiccups sorting out my room but I got my key in the end with the help of two jolly security guards.

I grew brighter as I made my way into the courtyard and looked up to see this majestic panorama.

I eagerly swiped my key and took the lift up to my floor. With growing excitement I turned the key and opened the door of the flat to reveal: a shoe box.

Okay, so it's got all the necessary amenities (including a mini fridge) and it's clean but these pictures do not convey the smallness of this room. The bathroom is a closet. I'm not going to show you a picture of that because who really wants to see pictures of toilets?  Strangely enough, it's not the smallest room I've ever had to live in- but just believe me when I say there is more space in my little Honda hatchback than the bathroom.

Anyway, it's almost 10 o'clock and only just starting to get dark - which is confusing in itself. In my infinite wisdom I brought myself a microwaveable container and 90 sec porridge sachets which now enables me to stay in the entire night and shake off this rather taxing jet lag I seem to have contracted.

Hopefully I'll have something a little more interesting to report tomorrow when I trek out to do a bit of exploring.

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